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Marlena Mars S.A.R.S: Interview at 101.5 Jamz Studios

Marlena Mars S.A.R.S: Ja pier.... Na jutro musze umieć na spr. z matmy
i odp. z niemca + z angielskiego.
Na środe kartkówka z chemii i fizyki ,
w piątek poprawa spr. z chemi.....

Marlena Mars S.A.R.S: Yoooooo!!

Wus good my fellow Doo-Wops and Hooligans?!?! Its ya boy PL aka Philsmeeze aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl....no wait, that's Trey Songz...lolAnywho, back to the subject at hand, our tour has officially started and we couldn't be more excited. First stop- San Francisco! Love this city. We performed there once before but it was part of a large show with a lot of acts so to be headlining this time means everything to us. And just like last time, SF didn't dissapoint! Gotta thank all of you who came to the show and showed your love and support. Nothing more rewarding for us than to hear 650 people singing our songs at the top of their lungs! And some of them even sounded good! Lol thanks Slim's:)We even did a 4 song encore so you know we were feeling good! Looking forward to the next time we get to see all you guys!! Ok time to catch some zzz's but I'll be checkin in from time to time to let you guys know wus good in our hood! BOCKWITME!!

Posted by Philip Lawrence
November 22, 2010

Marlena Mars S.A.R.S: Time To Shop Until You Drop...